Jeep Camper Client Orientation

Our entire team is dedicated to helping you create the best scrapbook ever!  To that end, we’ve prepared this Confirmed Client Info to help you plan your adventure!  This packet is generally for our Jeep Camper clients but all may find it useful.

To expedite your orientation please thoroughly review these pages to get acclimated.  The information will help you with your orientation and be on your way!


Okay folks…it’s almost “go” time.  The trip you’ve been planning for some time, all of the emails, the thinking, the dreaming…all of that is about to come to fruition.  My name is Josh Miller and I am the owner/co-founder of Sonoran Trails.  Myself, along with Chris Reed, owner/co-founder, and Jeff Sharp, our ultimate social media/marketing/computer/website guru are excited for you!

This has been our lifestyle since 2005.  We eat, sleep, and drink this stuff and are, literally, always in the planning stages of our next trip.  To that end we started thinking about how we could share our love of adventure, travel, and the back roads.  In 2011 Josh began toying with the idea of a Jeep Camper rental business (Overlanding for the aficionado!) and after 3 years of thinking, writing, discussing, and procrastinating Sonoran Trails was born – and here YOU are.  Our team looks forward to helping you create the best scrapbook ever!  Let’s get started………………….

  • Tread Lightly!  For more information click here
  • Consider your food/grocery list as well as fuel requirements.  PBJ for supper is okay, but not when you’re looking at your low fuel light!
  • Consider any special permits you may need.  These must be obtained by the client.
  • If you would like to brainstorm some trips that our past clients have done, here is a map that shows you some of those adventures, Sonoran Trails Adventures .
  • Other itinerary ideas are here.
  • Other considerations:  How much interstate/dirt would you like to experience?  What is your experience level with off road travel?

Thank you again for your business.  We look forward to helping you Exit – Experience – Explore!


The Sonoran Trails Team

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