Frequently Asked Questions

What am I renting?
The Jeep Camper is a fully modified Jeep vehicle equipped to take you off the beaten path and camp when you get there. You pick up when you’re ready, and drop off when you’re finished, leaving only with great memories!

Our day rentals are Jeep JK Unlimited models, 4-door. All are automatic transmission.

Where can we take our vehicle?
Clients can take their rental anywhere while considering our 150 miles per day limit.

What is included with the Jeep Camper rental?
Every Jeep Camper comes with phenomenal sleeping accommodations, cooking and kitchen equipment, storage, cooler, and much more!

How many people can ride in each vehicle?
The Jeep JK 4-door can hold a maximum of 5 passengers.  But honestly, if you’re on a three day excursion that’s a lot of people and a lot of gear – you will be crowded!

Where are you located?
Sonoran Trails is located in the gateway community of Anthem, Arizona forty-five minutes north of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. We call Anthem a “gateway” because of its location. In a matter of hours clients can access The Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Monument Valley, and a host of other national parks, monuments, and scenic locations!

Where can we camp?
The western United States is full of National Parks, National Forests, National Monuments, and BLM land. Sonoran Trails exists to provide its clients with the means to travel the backcountry and camp when they get there.

Do I need any special permits?
Depending on your itinerary, you may need to secure a permit. Generally, camping on federal lands is first-come, first-served and either free of charge or there is a nominal fee. Some states require you have a state land trust permit to operate in that area. Please consider this piece of your journey prior to arrival. Clients are responsible for obtaining any permits they may need.

Can we take our Sonoran Trails vehicle off road?
Clients MUST stay on maintained and identifiable forest service roads, i.e. FR 300. Clients are responsible for any and all damage to the vehicle. Our vehicles are designed to be rugged and capable, but every rig has its limitations. It is the client’s responsibility to take the necessary precautions to protect the vehicle. This may include, but is not limited to having a person “spot” the driver (confirming the undercarriage will clear an obstacle), pre-walking a section, determining the depth of water crossings, choosing routes through obstacles, and in some cases deciding not to attempt a challenge. That being said, there are plenty of quality forest service roads that will lead you where you want to go without risking damage to the vehicle. Choose your route carefully and you will experience the thrill of the journey, not the costs associated with a damaged vehicle!

Where do we sleep?
Our roof top tents can accommodate 3 clients.

What do we eat?
Whatever you’d like! Each vehicle is equipped with an efficient galley to include eating and cooking gear, and cooler.  You can upgrade to our onboard ARB refrigerator for the ultimate experience!

Do I need 4WD driving experience?
There are incredible wilderness experiences available throughout the area and most are accessible via maintained forest service roads. Our vehicles are specially equipped to be very capable on the dirt.  Our rigs are not built to, “crawl”, but rather help you explore.  Know your limitations and that of the rig…you won’t regret it!

Will my cell phone work?
Maybe. Many areas are very remote and won’t have cell coverage.

How long does vehicle orientation take?
Plan on an hour or so. There is a lot to cover about vehicle operation, safety, your schedule, and how to set up your camping for the night! This will be an exciting time as we help you in your final preparations for an epic trip!

Can you arrange accommodations in Phoenix?
We’re happy to recommend some of the local resorts where we’ve stayed.

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