Free Weekend

The Sonoran Trails Team is wondering why so many more folks haven’t entered to win this free weekend in a Sonoran Trails rig? What…do you dislike puppies? Despise a monumental sunrise? I’m at a loss. This giveaway is the ultimate way to experience the great outdoors via a great platform! We should have to limit the number of people clamoring to enter. It’s that sweet!

Okay – you need convincing. Here you go! Imagine being the one we call to say, “You’ve won!” You reply, “Wow…that’s great! What do I get?” We will then begin listing everything like: an outstanding Jeep JK Unlimited with custom front/rear bumpers, after-market all-terrain tires, a Roof Top Tent (yeah…it’s that cool!), interior storage, 12-gallon fresh water cell, expedition-grade cooler, stove and all food prep/cooking/eating gear secured on a super cool pull-out tray. And if we have them, we may even throw in a couple of chairs for good measure.

“That’s great!” you reply, “But I don’t know where to go.” Hmmmm – we’ll giggle a bit because, after all, this is what we do. We exit – experience – explore. We know where to go. We know what to do. And we know how to do it. We know how to help you punch out in a manner you’ve never experienced. Yes – we’re that good.

You may then express concern that you do not know how to operate this plethora of glamping gear.  What…do you think we’ll just let anybody take $40,000 worth of vehicle, gear and equipment without a full checkout and orientation?  Nadda…….we have you covered there as well.

So quit dilly-dallying and get your name in here. Do it for your significant other. Do it for your kids. Do it for yourself. Honestly, we don’t care…we’re just itching to give this weekend away and we’re waiting for you!

Enter your information below to be entered for one free weekend behind the wheel of the ultimate camping rig.

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