Ghetto Gear – Done Is Better Than Perfect

Ghetto Gear is the brainchild of Sonoran Trails Marketing Director, Jeff Sharp.  He and Sonoran Trails CEO and co-founder, Josh Miller, were in a remote area north of Bloody Basin Road in Arizona.  Having experienced the back road, exploration, touring, camping, living lifestyle (a.k.a. “Overlanding”) for several years now, Jeff and I decided it’s time to have a little fun with it.  This particular genre of society can be a little serious and addicted to gear.  Google overlanding or take a gander at some of the publications anchored towards this audience as well as some of the “must have ” gear.  It will make you chuckle.  The “Field Watch”, a specific knife, specific clothing…you name it.  Some of it is very comical.

Our team does have its fair share of gear but for the most part, and in most cases, we make something work because we simply make it work; and thus Sonoran Trails is proud to present a tribute to this fine community called, Ghetto Gear.  Here’s where it started:

We had set up our bivouac at one spot on Tangle Creek.  After 2-hours and finally finished my daughter and I went for a walk down the creek.  After 100 meters or so we stumbled upon this incredible location.  It was a great spot and Jolie went bonkers about wanting to camp there.  So……….noon the next day Jeff and I packed up all of our crap and moved the short distance down the stream to reestablish our home for the night.  I was ahead of Jeff ’cause he is slow as molasses PLUS he has his two boys that make packing and organizing completely impossible and all-consuming.

I was packed and went to the new spot.  I peer around the corner of the foliage and Jeff is rolling up with his ground tent precariously perched atop his jeep.  I thought I was going to bust my britches laughing.  We left it there and after several brews came up with the term, “Ghetto Gear”…basically a term mocking how Jeff and I and Chris kinda’ use “special” ingenuity to make stuff “work”.

So, in keeping with the spirit of mocking all those who take this passion of ours too seriously, behold Ghetto Gear where, “Done is better than perfect”:

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Not to be outdone, I was having problems with my Trasharoo “self-adjusting” and regularly checked my rear view mirror to get a visual of the straps on the spare tire.  If I couldn’t see them I’d stop and ensure it was still there and snug them up.  For this story, location unknown, I glanced and didn’t see the straps.  A quick stop revealed it had completely fallen off and was dragging on the road behind the rig.  In keeping with Ghetto Gear philosophy I “fixed” it using the ever present 550 cord which is still attached to this day.  And, no more problems with dragging that darned Trasharoo any longer:


This one was too good to pass up.  When the kid wants a pony tail, you give her one:


Sonoran Trails “-ism’s”

As you can imagine, we’ve thought, heard and said some pretty funny stuff; especially when you’re out and about for an extended period.  To keep the Ghetto Gear spirit alive I present some of the most ridiculous quotes we’ve come up with or said:

“When the road deteriorates and there are no longer fire rings, turn around – you’re either going the wrong way or you’re on private property.”

“When scouting back roads for days or weeks at a time with the same person, honesty may not always be the best policy.”
“If it looks deep, it probably is.”
“A man who wants to build a fire ring at home will burden the vehicle with many rocks.”
“A check engine light at any point on an excursion will make your heart drop.”
“A 3-person tent, isn’t.”
“Chances are you will not be able to park in your garage at home with a roof top tent mounted.”
“You do not need as many changes of clothes as you packed.”
“You do not need to dress for overlanding/camping as if you’re overlanding the Australian outback.”
“Always secure your vehicle at night.  There is nothing like opening the glove compartment to find a mouse chomping on everything inside.”
“Chris’ campfire chili and a mummy bag are not good combinations.”
“Don’t crap beside a cactus.”
“Poison ivy is a poor substitute for toilet paper.”
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