Jeep Camper/Offroad Trailer Rental

Sonoran Trails and Bivouac Camping Trailers – A Great Team

A stout Jeep Camper pulling an equally tough off-road trailer fabricated by the guys at Bivouac Camping Trailers, builders of the M.O.A.B. line of expedition trailers.

Now you can rent a Sonoran Trails Jeep Camper and pull along a lightweight off-road trailer from BCT to accommodate more family, more friends and more gear.

Check out what Four Wheeler Network said about their trailers here.

The Tepui Adventure Trailers are fully equipped camping trailers ready to rent for your next adventure.  These are tough trailers with Tepui XL Ruggedized tents big enough for four adults. The trailers are equipped with a full cooking galley and house a large built in locking storage compartment and an attached expedition cooler.  The trailer has a rear 2″ receiver hitch for bike racks or other accessories.  Kayaks, paddle boards, etc. can be strapped to the top load bars for added fun on your trip.  All you need to do is buy food, ice and propane and you are on your way!

Contact Sonoran Trails to confirm your dates.  Email us at or call 862.SONORAN/(862)166-6126.

10-fort-bivouac-camping-trailer 11-fort-bivouac-camping-trailer

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