Mogollon Rim Road (300) Arizona

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Mogollon Rim Road (300) Arizona


Bam. I feel like a good dad, and not much else beats that feeling.

Josh and I, (Josh is the founder of Sonoran Trails, the foremost company for fully loaded jeep rentals in the southwest) just returned from an absolute adventure.

The adventure was in no small means facilitated by amazing views, breathtaking cliffs, surreal rivers and creeks (or ‘cricks’ if you are from where I’m from), and extra-fantasmic (new word, bear with me) accommodations.

Have you ever camped on a TempurPedic mattress? Better yet, have you set up a tent in less than 3 minutes?

This may sound like ‘glamping’ to you. Frankly, it might be. I mean, there is a kitchen in the back of the rental jeep complete with a fridge…?

Josh and I left the comforts of civilization on Monday for a 2 night, 3 day trip. Things were so good, we extended it to a 3 night, 4 day trip.

That’s par for the course with us. We don’t like to just ‘get out’….we like to ‘stay out’ once we are there. Extensions are as common here as an accountant’s office on April 14th.

But, we had a first, and this is the kicker. We brought more kids than adults. And they were young’ins.

Between Josh and I, we have a combined 12 years of fatherhood experience. There were 2 of us. The 3 kids, aged 2, 5, and 7, outnumbered us in simple ratio math (3:2), as well as a combined 14 years experience of being kids. And, they have an innate, God-given talent for being kids whereas we are still learning about being fathers.

On this trip, not only were we outnumbered, but we were out-experienced. At every turn.

This, folks, is where simplicity in camping is a beautiful thing.

We were able to do what we do best in spite of the odds being stacked against us. If you follow us, you’ll know by now that we don’t hit the average RV campground and stay for 3 days. We head out on the trails, taking lefts or rights, determined only by loosely followed GPS plans and mental coin flips, and we stay in a new place every night.

Maybe we are the kids. We just can’t seem to sit still.

Either way, we had a ball and we had it all.

The kids did what they should do. They smeared ashes on their faces to keep the beast at arm’s length (campfire stories take several unforgiving turns), swam in their clothes, and ate 1 too many marshmallows. (It’s difficult to wait for the chocolate…you know it is…)

Mogollon Rim, Forest Road 300, Arizona

But, enough about the fun we had on the trip. We had a purpose. Beyond appeasing Uncle Sam’s thirst for our camping funds through route-planning for our clients, we did some extra-curricular work.

We have many clients, from New Zealand to Iceland, who have asked us about the Mogollon Rim. This is true Arizona…Yes, the Grand Canyon is grand. Everyone should go there.

But, the real gems can many times be found in the popular kid’s lesser known younger sibling.

In this case, the younger sibling is the Mogollon Rim.

For our clients who have to decide between the two, we made this video. It features 20 miles of the Mogollon Rim in 5 minutes. The goal was to make the decision for you a bit easier, but after spending another weekend up there with our minions, it would be hard for me to make the call.

Hopefully this video will help you more than it helped me.

Adventure on. Exit – Experience – Explore.

And, enjoy.

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