Overland Expo 2015

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Overland Expo 2015

The Sonoran Trails team, loaded with two off road camping trailers from Bivouac Camping Trailers, headed north Thursday afternoon to take in all that the OX offers.

Weather was not going to be in our favor and the torturous camp grounds at the expo will not be endured again. The wind-swept plain and cold-front pushed us to layer clothes deeply.

We headed to the expo Friday morning and after mulling about for 4-5 hours and making a few contacts we quickly packed our gear and were on the road south. Chris was navigating and after encountering rain and sleet settled on a nice location to set up.

Our next purchase is an awning…without one for this trip we made a hasty awning and huddled under it within a few feet of a roaring fire. It started to snow heavily and by morning the RTT’s were bowing under the weight of the fresh stuff. Chris was in “freeze” mode and Josh wasn’t far behind; due in no part to our poor choice of footwear.

We got going, hit Camp Verde to top off, and made a bee line to Cleator where the beer was cold and the weather much, much warmer. Heading south on FR 101 to the right of the Cleator Saloon and General Store we wheeled our way into a favorite spot right on Turkey Creek.

The next morning was a far cry from our previous two nights and Chris exclaimed his angst that morning with, “D@!# it’s hot!!”  After coffee we loaded and another Sonoran Trails excursion was complete!

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