Rental Gear

If you are short on gear give us a shout!  We offer quite a few items that will help you on your excursion!  Sorry, only Sonoran Trails Jeep rental clients.

ARB Refrigerator/Freezer – $20/night
There are some things in life that are worth experiencing at least one time!  That list must include using an on board refrigerator/freezer while camping!  This top-tier ARB unit will either cool down items or freeze them…your choice!  Avoid the icey-slush and check out this camping tool!  The unit plugs into its dedicated power source on the slide-out tray.  It is secured with two, heavy-duty straps.

Receiver rack – $10/night
This 48″ x 19″ steel rack inserts into the vehicle receiver and can help you organize your gear.  Two straps are included!

Tent- $10/night
If you need a bit more sleeping area we’ve got you covered.

Sleeping bag – $5/night
Your vehicle rental still includes two sleeping bags in the Roof Top Tent.  If you need another one or two, let us know!

Folding chair – $5 night
Your vehicle rental still includes two incredible chairs by Frontrunner Outfitters.  If you have extra friends along, a chair is a must!

Camp heater – $10 night
This compact propane camp heater can take the chill out of the air on a cold night.  This item should not be used in a tent.

Military jerry can (water) – $5/night
This mil-spec, 5-gallon jerry can may be used in addition to the 12-gallon water cell already on your Sonoran Trails rental.  If you’d like to shower up during the course of your adventure, this addition and the Sonoran Trails Shower Bag are essentials!

Shower Bag – $5/night
Our solar-powered shower bag was a HUGE hit during our 3-week expedition of the Baja Peninsula.  We actually had to place it in the rig a couple of times because the water was getting TOO hot!  Fill, secure where there is sun exposure, and let mother nature do the rest!

Lantern – $5/night
This super-bright Coleman lantern is powered by a 1# propane bottle.

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