Sedona Jeep Rental

Make it easy on yourself.

Rent a Jeep in Phoenix.


Why drive to Sedona to rent a Jeep when you can drive your Jeep from where you are?

Rent a Jeep and head to (!!), Ahhhh, Sedona. Sedona and Jeeps. Those 2 words just seem to belong together.

Viewing the red rocks of Sedona through the windshield of one of our Jeeps is literally and figuratively…a trip.  Drop a note or give us a call!


And, please do send us any questions about planning your trip!

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Rent a jeep Sedona AZ

Option #1:

Arrange transportation to Sedona, fight traffic, stand in line, and rent a Jeep, while your passengers wait around for you. 🙁

You can drive your own vehicle or rent a vehicle to make it to Sedona, where you can fight the tourist crowd, stand in line and await your chance to get a jeep, at which point you have a short 2-4 hour window in which to plan your route, get your drive in, and then hustle back to wait in line and fight the crowds just to drop the jeep off. Let me tell you, we do trips on a weekly basis. Sometimes, it takes us 2 hours just to find out trail conditions, map our route, and get our cooler in the jeep!

Jeep Rental Sedona

Option #2:

Rent your Jeep in Phoenix. Load up and hit the trail without all of the hassles.

The second option is us. You can drive the Jeep from Phoenix. No need to rent 2 vehicles or arrange a ride to Sedona.  You can then get in our jeep, get comfortable, and make your way to Sedona. No need to fight the crowds, transfer all your stuff from your roadie rental to a Jeep while you’re on the clock, and then try to make your way to a trail! Our team will even help you plan your day so you drive straight to Sedona and get on the trail without all of the hassle!

Jeep Rentals Sedona

Option #2b:

You can still see the town of Sedona! And, we highly recommend!

“But,” you say, “I do want to see the tourist side of Sedona!” Excellent! Then pull up in your 4 door Jeep, park, and spend your time in Sedona actually doing what you want to do. See the local jewelry shops and art galleries. Eat some fine food and drink some even finer beer and/or wine.

But, don’t spend your precious time in Sedona arranging your vehicle rental!!!

Don't drive to Sedona to rent a Jeep.

Arranging a ride to Sedona to rent a Jeep is just silly when you can rent it here.
Spend less time renting the jeep and more time driving it!

Jeep Rentals Sedona AZ
sedona arizona jeep rentals
Jeep Rentals for Sedona Trails

How are we different?

  • Our jeeps are Jeep Wranglers Unlimited, meaning they have the ruggedness of the old school Wrangler and the capabilities of showing you all of Sedona, but they also have 4 doors and hold 5 people with room for storage!
  • Our jeeps are a hotel and jeep rental in one! Why get a hotel room when you can camp on the trail? Rooftop tent (with TempurPedic mattress!), full kitchen and water storage, onboard fridge/freezer, and everything else you need to make a trail ride into a true Sedona experience. Forget a 4 hour excursion…spend a few nights. All you have to bring is food and clothes!
  • Everything, and I mean, everything is upgraded. Stock is not a word our jeeps know. From bumpers, suspension, lifts, wheels, and tires, you won’t get this quality anywhere else. (Truthfully, do you need the absolute best of everything when it comes to a Jeep? Na…even stock Jeeps can get you where you want to go. But, if you can have the upgrades and roll like the trail version of Boss Hogg for the same price, why not?)

So, shoot us a quick message using the form on this page.

Or, give us a call if you are the type who prefers good ol’ fashioned customer service: (623) 221-0722.  We’ll see you on the trails.

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