Simply put – we’re guys who wanted to share our love of travel, adventure and overlanding with everyone else!  We are committed to each client in helping them build the best scrapbook ever!

Give us a call at 862.SONORAN, or drop us a note at josh@sonorantrails.com or chris@sonorantrails.com – we’ll be happy to answer your questions!


Josh Miller – Chief Experience Officer (The guy with the idea)/Founder

Sonoran Trails was an idea.  Just because.  Just to do it.  A vision.  A question.  A comment.  A dream.  You name it.  Josh has been full of ideas since day one.  Just ask his wife.  She has lovingly supported every one (okay…some…ahem).

As a young lad he grew up largely on a farm in Louisiana where he was frequently battered by cattle, horses, pigs, and chickens as he tried to put a saddle on all of them at some point, whether you were supposed to or not.  His family moved to South Louisiana where Cajuns, family, cooking, love, life, and the outdoors reigned supreme.  Following his deadbeat years in high school he made it to college and somehow finished, but not before he joined the U.S. Marines; mainly because he really liked the uniforms.  Much to his dismay Saddam Hussein refused to leave Kuwait so a small contingent of armed folks went over to help him change his mind.

Josh returned appreciating life more than a mosquito trying to cross the interstate.  He entered law enforcement and spent the next 12 years wondering why he chose criminal justice as his college major.  As life ticked along, and since he was too nervous to speak to girls, running became his love.  Short races turned longer and for over 23 years he spent his energy running 5k events to 100 miles, better known as endurance running.  From the U.S., to the Sahara, to the western Gobi, to Moscow, it was a good time.  He vaguely remembers his second Marathon des Sables run, getting kicked out of the race the third year, being lost in the great Gobi in western China, selections for the inaugural Land Rover G4 Challenge, and draining IV bags at 0500 one Sunday morning following his comical attempt at the Badwater 135 mile race in Death Valley, Ca.  He is, however, saving those stories for a book that will probably never be written.  Marriage crept in there in 1995 to an incredible lady where, after policing, he decided to get into a really easy career, teaching (not).

After a few years and ready for a change, he went to Iraq as a security contractor, insisting on working with the Marines in Al AnBar Province.  He helped establish the first Police Transition Team in three small communities between Ramadi and Fallujah and spent his days and nights running missions with a broad cadre of personnel.  Upon his return a now saucy, confident, talkative, southern ‘belle of a kid came into his world.  Embarrassingly, what he forgets, she remembers.

He began camping with his then 3-year old daughter and realized how much stuff he had and how disorganized it was!  As the years passed back country travel became the norm and he learned a lot.  Now, his goal is to energize people and change lives by helping them explore the world around them – enter Sonoran Trails.  Our goal is help folks get out and explore this amazing place via an incredible platform – a well-equipped Jeep Wrangler!

His love of all things outside continues via mountain biking (a bunch of old guys trying to stay upright), trail running (trying not to fall), and sipping a cold brew after a long-haul day around the fire with his daughter curled on his lap.

Owning and operating a Jeep since 2005 Josh has learned a few things about off roading…the hard way.  He beat up his rigs in excursions from rock-crawling to overlanding miles of back roads.  With planning and commitment Josh and Sonoran Trails COO Chris Reed overlanded the Baja Peninsula to Cabo San Lucas and back in a 3-week, vehicle-supported, self-reliant excursion. They explored some of the most remote corners of this incredible area.  There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when your “Check Engine” light comes on in the middle of the Baja. You won’t, however, have to relive his mistakes.  Your Sonoran Trails vehicle touts the same equipment Josh has on his personal Jeep and just as his own excursion planning is detailed; he and his team can help you with yours.  Our team goal is to help clients build the best scrapbook ever.

Hailing from the deep southern state of Louisiana, Josh and his wife married in 1995 and live & work in Arizona. They share their home with their energetic daughter, Jolie, and their whacked miniature schnauzer, Gumbo.

Chris Reed – Chief Outdoors Officer (The really smart guy who bought into the idea)/Co-founder

Like founder and CEO Miller, Reed has owned and operated off road vehicles for most of his adult life. During the summer of 2013, Reed and TrailWerks Founder Miller overlanded to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur via the Baja Peninsula in a 2-week, vehicle-supported, self-reliant excursion. They explored some of the most remote corners of this incredible area. Josh and Chris have explored sections of Arizona and Utah and attended numerous expositions to educate themselves about this industry and its market.

Reed received his Combat Engineer training through The United States Army Reserve and served for 10 years. Originally, Reed was a high School English and Journalism Teacher and coached Cross Country, Wrestling and Track & Field. He has been in sales his entire life and has lead teams and companies with unparalleled success. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Reed has participated in marathons, triathlons, endurance trail running events, along with many other events. Always up for any adventure, Reed participated in the Molokai Hoi, the world’s most prestigious outrigger canoe race and is training for Four Deserts Sahara, which required competitors to traverse 250 kilometers of rough country terrain over six days with only a place in a tent and water provided each day. Reeds’ current off-roading vehicle of choice is a 2008 Toyota FJ cruiser.

Jeff Sharp – Chief of Marketing, Branding, and Other Stuff (Another really smart guy who is really good at what he does)

Jeff Sharp joined our team with the perfect mix of redneck-slash-nerd capabilities. He has spent the majority of his life chasing adventures outdoors due to a travel-happy family and a good ol’ Kansan upbringing.

In his younger years, he leaned towards motorless adventuring. Sharp participated in the Bike Across Kansas (4 times), riding knobbies next to the road-junkies for each trip. He eventually traded those rumbling tires for slicks and pedaled from Colorado to the Atlantic Ocean, completing the 1700 mile trip with his father in 27 days. Sharp also enjoyed, and still does, backpacking, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and about anything that else that got him away from the computer and into the woods.

But then came changes in life: a dog, a wife, and two cap-gun packing, rock-brawling, bear-calling boys. Although the Mrs. shares his love for the outdoors, the two young boys are thick little oaks and are a bit wearisome to carry long distances in the packs, or on the handlebars. To satisfy his need to reach remote places, he realized he needed to upgrade to something with an engine…something that was not fueled by PowerBars…

Sharp picked up a JK (a 4-door Jeep), outfitted it for the overlanding experience, and continued his explorations with his boys, his lovely wife, and his dog in tow.

He eventually 4-wheeled his way into the Sonoran Trails project, where he’s as happy as a pig-in-poo, and on the weekends resembles about the same.

In real life, he spends his day behind the keyboard, computers, and coffee pots, dreaming of his own happy trails, but all the while connecting other overlanding thrill-seekers to the opportunity that is Sonoran Trails.

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