Vehicle Fees

Vehicle Fees

  • Excess Mud
  • Please enjoy the back roads.  We fully expect road grime and dirt.  If, however, you find an extreme desire to attempt to hydroplane through a mud puddle; first, we suggest you do not.  The spray you see outside of your window is also doing the same thing to the undercarriage.  Try getting some of that mud and water in your electrical or power steering pump and you could get yourself in a bind.  Plus, sometimes those “puddles” are deep!

    Excessive mud will incur a $150.00 cleaning fee and will be based on a sole assessment by the Sonoran Trails team member conducting your check-in.  We really do not want to collect on this because we do not want to clean the vehicle!  This type of cleaning warrants a trip to an industrial car wash.  Not only is the outside muddy, but every nook & cranny underneath has to be cleaned, thus making this a day-long process.

    • Arizona Pin-Striping

    Arizona Pin-Striping – A term by locals who off road explaining the brush marks incurred on vehicles when they attempt to negotiate a tight trail.  The resulting scratches along the body are nick-named “Arizona pin-striping”.  Some marks may be superficial and will wash out, others may dig into the paint and cause damage. The Arizona desert has some pretty gnarly plants.  As you navigate through the terrain be keenly aware of what’s around you.  Any significant “Arizona pin-striping” will incur a $150.00 detailing fee, to cover the cost of compounding and buffing the marks out.

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