Vehicle & Gear

Vehicle & Gear

Our vehicles are very capable Jeep Wranglers.  Despite aftermarket equipment, clients must fully understand that the vehicle is their lifeline.  Should you explore remote areas, driving aggressively could damage the vehicle and leave you without!  That being said, we expect clients to drive with the same care and attention they would their personal vehicles.

With the addition of aftermarket gear, your Sonoran Trails rig is heavier than normal.  Though under vehicle weight limits, clients must consider this when driving off road.  Clients should never “over drive” the vehicle nor over-estimate their own abilities – both can lead to trouble.  Our rigs are not designed to “crawl”.  In other words, intentionally navigating over large rocks, debris, and boulders should be avoided.  The vehicles are not equipped with rock rails.  Body/frame damage will occur if clients are not careful.  Please be aware as you traverse areas.

The vehicle is designed to help you navigate back roads safely and comfortably.  Use of the winch is not allowed unless clients produce a certificate of training.  The vehicle does not include additional recovery gear.  Enjoy those dirt roads, enjoy that secluded campground, enjoy the sunsets and sunrises, just do so with a large dose of humility when it comes to your vehicle and what it’s designed to do.


Each Jeep Camper Rental rig includes:

  • roof top tent
  • two sleeping bags
  • two folding chairs
  • cooler
  • cooking/eating equipment
  • stove
  • Any other gear, equipment, personal items, clothing, food, etc. is the responsibility of the client

What’s NOT included:

  • Pillows
  • Coffee/coffee maker or any food items
  • USB charger/adapter
  • Auxiliary cord for phone/radio use
  • Extreme cold weather sleeping bag(s)
  • Recovery gear
  • Additional insurance coverage
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