What Do We Do?

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Clients can rent a customized off road vehicle set up with overlanding and camping in mind!

Sonoran Trails Jeep Camper Rental offers exciting off road vehicle platforms designed to get you off the beaten path. Each vehicle is customized with expedition-grade equipment and gear to carry you safely on your journey. Setting up camp has never been easier with sleeping quarters on top, galley, and other amenities that will amaze you!

Worried about operating the vehicle, gear, and equipment? Don’t! Every rental includes a thorough walk-through of the vehicle, systems, camping equipment, and other equipment.

Worried about where you will sleep? Don’t! High quality Roof Top Tents are standard on every Jeep Camper rental. You will sleep in style, off of the ground, on a mattress, and protected from the elements.

Worried about how you will cook? Don’t! Clients are provided with everything they will need to prepare meals: stove, basic kitchen spices, eating/cooking utensils and table – you only need to fill the cooler.

You will experience your world like never before knowing you are taken care of by the professionals at Sonoran Trails.

Wrap all of this around a trip you plan, or we can stay out of your way while you plan.

You pick up when you’re ready, and drop off when you’re done!

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